Certify your employees in Covid 19 safety training and how to operate safely as we return to work during the COVID  19 pandemic




COVID 19 Safe at Work Video Series

More states are requiring employers to provide workers with proper COVID-19 training to prevent transmission of the virus, In some states, failure to comply can result in fines. Many states have passed an emergency temporary standard or a gubernatorial executive order requiring emplyers to train their workers on Covid 19 Safe at Work practices

We can help you deliver CDC guidelines efficiently and effectively with the COVID 19 Safe at Work Micro Learning System.

This video series features the CDC guidelines for returning to work in short, easy to watch lessons. The CV 19 Micro Learning System is a three part video series covering the key points of the CDC back-to-work guidelines.

When complete your employees will recieve certification of completion and your company can monitor and record progress, assessment and completion.

COVID 19 Safe at Work:

Content Overview


In this video series we will share the CDC guidelines for returning to work in the public and private sectors. If your organization requires OSHA certification for your employees to return safely to work this video series is for you.

In this six-part series will provide the CDC guidelines on:


  • Coronavirus physical distancing requirements 
  • Face coverings and sanitation 
  • Safe and healthy work practices and control measures 
  • Knowledge of the ability of asymptomatic individuals to transmit coronavirus 
  • COVID-19 signs, symptoms and reporting procedures for the workplace 
  • Quarantining/isolating requirements 

The Covid 19 Safe At Work Training Series Purchase Options


Is this information up to date?

Yes!! We update the content monthly and as things change.  The CDC updates their directions regularly and we keep up on the latest information to keep you informed.

Can we customize the content?

Yes!! We customize this content by adding your logo and organization info, adding slides or site-specific info, and customized delivery.

Can we deliver this on our LMS? or in a live employee meeting?

In order to certify each attendee, your employees will have to attend the class on our platform individually.  But we do have options available to give you a dedicated system for your enterprise level organization.

Can I purchase these videos separately?

The four video series is delivered as one package. We can create custom content for your organization, which includes training videos, onboarding video, and continued education video

What other type of content do you create?

We create custom content about racial equity, diversity and inclusion, and knowledge or skilled-based training.

Do you build Learning Management Systems?

Yes!! We develop independent Learning Management Systems that include easy company access for all of your employees, reporting and tracking, and customized content delivery.

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 Customize the content


The CV 19 Micro Learning System is delivered white label or add your organization’s logo and splash screen to each of the three videos.


If you would like to add slides or information to the videos, we can can make that happen!.  We can add video with voice over, slide with voice over or anything else you can imagine.


Would you like to add an additional video, change the voice-over actor or customize the content, we can do that!  Let’s set up a call to discuss how we can help.